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Con-Real Quarterly Meeting

On March 29th, Con-Real held our quarterly meeting at the Hilton Homewood Suites in Arlington. Sitting in the state of the art building that Con-Real is proud to display in our portfolio, each division of the Con-Real team brought the others up to date on their current projects and their goals for the coming year. 

Highlights from the meeting include the Phillips Arena team showing up the rest of the presenters with a professionally produced video, the introduction of the Con-Real Cash program by Stephanie Alley, and the debut of the Joe Breedlove Award from Mike Smith and Mike Alexander. Gerald Alley ended the meeting on an inspirational and challenging note, expecting nothing but the best from all representatives of Con-Real.

With many different projects and teams operating all across the country, quarterly meetings are an opportunity to touch base, meet new faces, and ensure that all divisions of Con-Real are working towards a singular vision of excellence and progress. After meeting, we are ready to get back out there with renewed energy and bring back even more impressive results for our next quarterly meeting. 


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