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Con-Real's Technology Division is Evolving to Anticipate Industry Needs

Con-Real’s Innovation Technology Division is currently making initiatives for a new entity called CR-EDGE. This new entity encompasses project development initiatives with a focus on technology and is equipped with tools that improve accessibility and project delivery. This enables the standard of project development processes to increase while maintaining efficiency.

CR-EDGE will offer a variety of services including virtual walkthroughs, BIM coordination, drone usage, 4D technology, 360° photo documentation, and more to come. Currently, clients can elevate their projects with the following services:

  • Virtual Walkthroughs bring the project site to you. No matter where you are, you can use this tool to tour the site through your smartphone or computer.

  • BIM Coordination is used to coordinate systems on a project such as MEPF or structural before the systems are installed on a project.

  • Drones enable aerial viewing or surveying documentation on a project.

  • 4D Technology provides a 3D model that links to the project, creating a time-lapse model of the build progression.

  • 360° Photo Documentation allows panning and zooming for a more detailed, 360° view of an area on a project.

Virtual walkthrough of the Fallbrook Lonestar Community College project.

CR-EDGE is the “next generation of leaders in technology equipped with tools to transform the standard of a project’s delivery and accessibility. Based out of Arlington, TX with offices in four different cities across the country, CR-EDGE exists to bring out better building practices to you." Find out more at



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