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Con-Real Implements the New 360° Ricoh Theta V Camera

The Ricoh Theta V is a user-friendly camera with 360° camera capabilities. All the camera requires is a press of a button to capture content via the Ricoh Theta app. From there, users can view real-time conditions of ongoing builds.

The camera features two fish-eye lenses that enable it to capture an entire room, letting any user pan the room and virtually explore the space. This exciting new technology allows us to provide detailed, real-time conditions of any existing building or area. We'll be using the tool to connect our in-field construction to other locations including our nation-wide offices and corporate headquarters, making it easier for team members both onsite and in-office to easily communicate and provide feedback. We're also excited to use this technology for BIM coordination communication with sub-contractors. The camera’s 360° photo ability includes high-quality zooming and panning in all directions (even above the ceiling), allowing our team to boost efficiency by extending project condition intel to our project engineers and BIM coordinators. This is just one of many exciting developments underway as we expand our technology capabilities to deliver the best possible results for our clients. Stay tuned for more innovation to come!



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