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Senior Superintendent

Fayetteville, AR | $130,000 - $170,000 Annual Salary

The Senior Construction Superintendent has full responsibility for the onsite large-scale production of a project or multiple projects. This includes directing craftsmen and subcontractors, providing quality control, assuring conformity to plans and specifications, maintaining sequences to meet schedule, maintaining short- and long-term production schedules, conducting weekly job site coordination and safety meetings, scheduling equipment furnished by Con-Real, and administering job site safety programs.


  • Provide overall on-site administrative and technical management on the construction project site. 

  • Supervise total construction effort to ensure that the project is constructed in accordance with design, budget, and schedule. 

  • Interface with client representatives, A/E representatives, other contractors, etc.

  • Plan and supervise on-site functions (scheduling, engineering, material control, and quality control) through coordination with Project Management. 

  • Provide technical assistance, e.g., interpretation of drawings, recommending methods, etc. 

  • Ensure that all on-site personnel comply with project procedures and safety program requirements. 

  • Document all violations, notify Project Management, and recommend/implement correction actions. 

  • Assume responsibility for productivity of crafts, efficient use of materials and equipment, and contractual performance of the project 

  • Coordinate project activities.


  • Must have a high level of skills to plan, organize, and manage several activities and tasks at the same time

  • Must be able to think ahead and make proper judgments on actions that need to be taken with no room for error

  • Must provide clear direction on completing the project on schedule while maintaining Con Real’s elite quality  

  • B.S. in Engineering, Construction Management or related discipline, or related combination of technical training and/or related experience 

  • Knowledge of commercial construction processes and technical skills 

  • Advanced understanding of construction scheduling, cost control, and ability to control and supervise large essential groups

  • Experience as a Superintendent for commercial projects over $15 million is preferred

  • Experience as a Superintendent for retail/restaurants is preferred

  • Experience in a joint venture and projects is preferred

  • Must possess computer skills and have a working knowledge of the following programs: Microsoft Excel and Word, construction scheduling programs such as Microsoft Project 

  • Must have excellent communication skills, both written and oral 

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