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Con-Real's program management services include owner's representation, LEED expertise, and nationwide programs for both public and private entities.

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As Owner's Representative, Con-Real will advocate for the owner’s goals and interests in the project and ensure proper close-out and successful move-in by the owner.


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Con-Real has provided the highest quality services since our inception. Our longevity and experience enable us to stay on top of the industry in all major fields. We have been selected to perform on builds that promise to be game-changers for many public and private clients.

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 Con-Real is a leader in the development of green projects. Many of our staff are certified in green building design, construction, and operation. LEED helps buildings reduce carbon emissions, energy, and waste, as well as conserve water, prioritize safer materials, and lower exposure to toxins.

A man in a suit holds a hard hat. In the background is a city construction site.


 Con-Real’s program management team works closely with owners, design teams, engineers, and other construction consultants to provide seamless integration between all stages of the construction process. This quality of service is evident in our continued relationship with major clients and their nationwide projects.

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