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Combined Heating and Power System (CHP) at the University of Arkansas

Fully operational in January of 2016!

This unique Con-Real Project provides the University of Arkansas of Fayetteville an environmentally progressive Combined Heating and Power System (CHP). This CHP project sustains the campus of University of Arkansas in many ways including:

  • Upgrades the Heating Plant production infrastructure that provides steam and hot water to the campus

  • Retires and Replaces inefficient, outdated equipment

  • Provides emergency backup power to critical research buildings during a campus wide power outages

  • Consists of a 5.2 MW gas turbine generator, a non-fired heat recovery boiler (28,000 lb./hr.), and an additional 40,000 lb./hr. of modular high efficiency boiler capacity.

  • Advances the University’s and State of Arkansas’ environmental goals of sustainability



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