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Congratulations to Gerald B. Alley as a New Member in the SMU Board of Trustees

Gerald B. Alley, a 1975 graduate of the SMU Cox College School of Business with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, in his wildest imagination, never would have believed to be invited to serve on the SMU Board of Trustees over 40 years later.

Gerald Alley

In Gerald's own words: “I remember the first day of applying to the Graduate Program. The Dean of the Graduate Program asked what my goals were after obtaining a graduate degree and why SMU. After much thought, I concluded that first and foremost, SMU was viewed as a premier educational institution both locally and globally. Also, I wanted to become a business entrepreneur and SMU had developed a very positive environment for entrepreneurship in which the alumni were not only successful, they made a difference in the community and beyond as well. At that time, I was very impressed with local and national business leaders such as Ray Hunt, Trammell Crow, John F. Eulich, Raymond Nasher, and Mary Kay Ash just to name a few. All of these individuals and their entities were very successful and had strong ties to the business community as well as to SMU. I aspired to become the first local African-American representative with an entrepreneur background who also demonstrates that same connection.

I committed myself to the MBA program where my objective was not only to receive a great education and become successful in my business goals but also to represent other African-Americans in Dallas and outside with an education of higher learning and to help others as I pursue my own goals which is the true meaning of success.

Like my other fellow board members, I am ready to offer my talents and resources to support SMU today and in the future. I am truly elated to serve both on the Board of Trustees as well as the Executive Board of the Cox School of Business."



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