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Con-Real Cash: July 2018

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

Con-Real cares about our employees.

Con-Real Cash means our team members can treat themselves each month, on us! This month, Linh Tran used her Con-Real cash to buy an ottoman for her home, and Stevevia Graves used hers to treat her kids to some cool and cute clothes and accessories. Gina Alley used her Con-Real Cash to help cover the vet bill for her dog, Barbie, and Anthony Campbell used his to rent some movies and buy materials for a home improvement project. Trey Silva used his to treat the family to dinner, and Palash Shah bought a new watch.

Stephen Adair used his Con-Real Cash for a gym membership, Junior bought some new brakes for his truck, Stephanie Alley bought some fancy new tea, Travis Christman put his towards a new iPhone 8, and Danielle Brazzell treated himself to a golf day with friends.

We can't wait to see how our employees keep making their lives a little easier with Con-Real Cash.



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