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Supporting Higher Education

Con-Real has the pleasure of providing a scholarship to Nia Kamau, a freshman at SMU. Here's some of the opportunities she's been able to explore this semester:

From Nia:

"SMU offers so many opportunities. I work as an Undergraduate Research Assistant with the SMU History Department, developing a research project called Voices of SMU. This project is an oral history collection of SMU minority alumni. Through this experience, I have learned so much about my personal passion for research and what it means to truly create diverse and inclusive environments.  I have also been highly involved with the SMU Embrey Human Rights Program, through which I am receiving my Human Rights Major. I was honored to be the only freshman to speak at the Program’s annual “Triumph of the Spirit” Awards banquet, where we honored Beate and Serge Klarsfelds for their work fighting Nazi terrorism in post-WWII.

Through the SMU Human Rights Program, I spent my Christmas season abroad on a tour of Poland studying the Holocaust. It was an unforgettable experience. Our tour visited concentration camps, memorials, and museums with the purpose of getting a deeper understanding of the Holocaust in Poland and to also pay homage to the innocent lives unjustly lost. The overall experience afforded me insight into modern day issues of race, religion, and discrimination. Of all of my experiences this semester, my studies in Poland have by far impacted me the most."

We can't wait to see all you accomplish as you work towards your undergraduate degree, Nia! Keep up the good work.



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